Friday, May 3, 2013

The Arrival of Spring

Off the four seasons I think spring is my favorite though this opinion may change come fall when the nights begin to chill and you can smell the freshness of frost in the air.  However, I can't lie; fall also brings hunting season so my opinion on the subject may be a little skewed.  But alas, I really do love spring.  Walking through the woods the other day I noticed fresh scrapings on a tree indicating that a bear had awoken from it's winter slumber and is on the roam in our back yard.  A couple of days later, Marilyn and I were sitting on the porch drinking our morning coffee and a bald eagle flew overhead and was circling above our field.  The spring birds are out, the grass is turning green, and I have a full slate of landscaping project ahead of me that will supply my body with vitamin D on a daily basis.  It's almost like you can feel renewal of your body as, like the bear, it awakens from it's winter slumber.

For me this time of a year feels like the time when anything is possible.  I know many use January 1 to make resolutions and list the changes they'd like to make in their lives but for me it's spring.  This is the time of year when Marilyn can go outside, whether it be with her crutches or wheel chair depending on the day, and sit in her garden and work just like someone without her limitations.  She can work on her pottery and artwork outside and use the suns warmth to try and heal herself as well as provide a unique aspect to her life's work.  We can work side by side on outside projects rather than being in two separate areas of the house because we're divided by dissimilar interests.  Yes, I love spring.

Our spring has brought about a few major happenings in the past couple of weeks in our little corner of the world.  Marilyn, who started a kickstarter project to raise money for some needed pottery equipment a couple weeks ago, reached her initial goal this week.  She's now well on her way to her secondary goals with a little over a week left.  I want to take a minute before continuing on to thank everyone who contributed to her project.  It's amazing the outpouring of support and outreach she's received.  

This week she also had an article about her project and a synopsis of her story printed in the local newspaper.  The woman who interviewed her and wrote the article did an outstanding job and I was very appreciative of the quality of her work.  I think one of the funniest parts about the whole deal was the fact that the journalist is a friend of one of my groomsman and none of us had any idea until after the fact.  6 degrees of separation indeed.

My spring and summer project list is finally under way.  Up until two weeks ago we still had snow and I was getting concerned whether I'd have enough time to get everything done.  While it's still a concern, it's lessened with a week and a half of 65+ degree days and very fast snow melt.  Summer landscaping in preparation for the wedding started last week with some hardscaping projects.  The mower has been serviced and ready to go for the year, and planting will commence in a couple weeks so we'll have not only some beautiful flowers to look at throughout the summer season, but hopefully quality fresh veggies to enjoy as well.  While I have many other projects, some big and some small, it's great to feel as though the preparation part of spring is nearly complete and from here forward I can simply do the work and start checking them off the list.  

The truth is, spring brings a renewal not just to the earth and animal kingdom, but to all of us as well if we let it.  While it's true that we have the ability to have such thoughts and makeovers all year long, it's as if our bodies are naturally drawn to the season to cleanse ourselves of the previous years toxins.  The air drys and clears, the sun warms us and draws the toxins from our bodies, and the spring rains change the ground and the trees from dull browns and black to a vast array of vibrant colors.  There is a reason to every season and for me, the reason for spring comes down to a few words:  Future, Hope, and Optimism.