Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I'm not normally huge on resolutions but this year feels a little different.  At the end of the past few years I went into the next year hoping things would be better.  As I'm writing this today I feel as though this coming year is going to be exciting and full of possibilities.  Last year wasn't bad, don't get me wrong.  I outlined some of those highlights in my last post so I don't feel the need to regurgitate them here but man, for whatever reason I'm excited.

As I'm pretty straight forward and to the point, I won't prolong this any longer.  However, know this is not my full list of goals and resolutions for the year but only the ones that pertain directly to the family and this blog.  So, without further adieu, my goals for 2014!

1.)  Be more consistent with my blog entries.
     I've been lacking a bit in this department for the past few months and to begin the year I'm hoping to be more on top of it.  Be expecting to see a few posts within the next few days as I post what are now drafts so I can clear my board and begin fresh for the new year.

2.)  Find, purchase, and move into a new home.
     This is high up on both Marilyn and I's list.  Moving further south and into a home better suited for us will allow us to be closer to better Doctors, my family, Jimmy's family, and other services we're anxious to take advantage of.

3.)  Quit chewing tobacco.
     I know many people who have the goals to quit tobacco at the beginning of every year.  This would benefit both myself and the family now and in the long term.  Kind of a now brainer after spending more than 15 years doing it.  (I'm 30 by the way.  Half a life on this shit is enough.)

4.)  Continue and take our change to a healthier lifestyle to the next level.
     We're changing the way we prepare food and our exercise habits.  Marilyn is looking to get back into yoga and for now I'm jumping back on the Rush Fit DVD's until we do get moved and I can join my friends back at the gym.  We planning and preparing meals ahead of time to save time and money because we won't be throwing away as much food.  Eating out is going to become extremely limited as well.

5.)  Finish my first novel.
     I've been working on the damn thing for the past 6 years.  I was hoping to finish the initial draft before the end of this year but I've been so busy I haven't written in the past 6 months.  It's time to open that baby up and get it done.  I know the editing process is going to be time consuming and if I ever want to get started on my new idea for a novel I need to get the first one done.

So there they are.  Not a huge list but things that are certainly within the realm of accomplishing with a little time and effort.  What are your goals or resolutions for 2014?

In closing, please be safe if you're going out tonight.  Call a friend or a cab and don't drink and drive.  Have fun, live it up, and enjoy all the simple things!

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