Thursday, January 23, 2014

Starting from Scratch

No lie, the end of last week sucked.  But before I begin, I'll step back a bit and give you the history to help you better understand how I got there to begin with.  Back a couple of years ago I pulled/injured my hip flexor pretty seriously.  Honestly, knowing what I know now it was a long time coming.  I had lifted weights, very heavy weights, for years with improper form and it threw off the balance of muscles in my body.  Basically the front half of my body is extremely over developed compared to the back.  So it could be taken as no great surprise that once I corrected my form I was hit with an injury.  At the time it occurred I was squating and felt it happen at the bottom of the movement.  Since there was no one else in the gym at the time I couldn't stop and had to push the weight back to the top of the movement which no doubt didn't help.  I missed 5 days of work and walked favoring one side for quite awhile.

Fast forward to last winter when I re-injured it, not to the same extent but enough to put me on the couch for a few days.  A couple months of letting it heal and then I was doing the Rush Fit home workout program.  I felt great after completing the 80 days in the spring!  Much of my pain was gone and I wasn't having the same amount of days of soreness.  Unfortunately I fell of track and for the past few months had only been doing it periodically.  After Christmas I decided to get back into it, along with adding some additional stretching in an effort to begin rebuilding my body.  And that brings us to Friday.

Friday was day 3 of week 3 of Rush Fit.  Jimmy had a hockey game that night so that afternoon before he arrived home from school I planned to knockout my workout, shower, do a couple quick chores, and then we'd be on our way.  However, as I was nearing completion of the dvd, I went down into an air squat and felt the familiar pain of the muscle in my hip pull.  Immediately the frustration set in of knowing that I was done with my workouts for an undetermined amount of time.

Unfortunately, my night was not over.  Jimmy still had a hockey game that evening which meant 3 hours of driving (round trip time) and roughly an hour and a half of standing.  If you've ever had that injury, the only thing you want to do is lay down with ice on your lower back/hip/butt area and I knew before we set out it was going to be a very uncomfortable evening.  I wasn't wrong.  By the time we got home (from a great game no less and a big win) I hurt.  All I wanted was to lay on the couch with some ice.  Thankfully, the next day Jimmy's coach agreed to take Jimmy with him for the two games (it was a tournament weekend).  However, it still required me to spend roughly an hour on the road to get him to the pick up spot and even that short amount of time was extremely uncomfortable.  I am thankful for Coach taking him on Saturday though.  It allowed me the rest of the day to lay on the couch and rest, which is key for the healing process.

The next couple days were spent rocking R.I.C.E.  (Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.)  I've also been in contact with Maralyn's sister who's a massage therapist as well as a local yoga instructor.  After discussions with the wife, I'm taking a whole new approach.  Yes, you read that correctly, my big, hairy, redneck looking body is going to begin yoga.  For everyone's sake I'm forgoing the pants associated with the practice however.  I feel as though I'm going to be starting my health from scratch.  It's ok I guess.  I feel like I don't have much of an option at this point.  What I've been doing isn't working and I'll be damned if I'm willing to give up my health because I'm being stubborn (as my wife will tell you I do that enough by refusing to go to the Dr. for various ailments).

In all honesty, I miss lifting.  I enjoy it, it's a great physical release, and I have friends who are into it as well.  Not to mention one of the reason's I'm so anxious to move is so I can get back to the trainer and gym I was a member of before my initial injury.  However, after this past weekend it's become clear that before I can begin doing it again, reforming and reshaping my body is a necessity.  Not only a necessity for myself, but for my family as well.  Me being down puts everyone in the house out.  Marylyn has to step in and do more which can put her at risk for seizures and falls, Jimmy has to sacrifice time with both of us, and it puts me in the awkward position of needing to postpone healing into order to keep up daily tasks.  It's a no win situation for anyone.

Moving forward, I'm hoping my hip injury days are over with.  I expect I'm going to be uncomfortable once I begin my new workout program but that's ok.  I've done a little yoga and understand how different it is from traditional lifting.  What I have yet to experience is the difference it can make and that's pretty exciting.  It's going to be a long road I suspect to get back to where I want and need to be but thankfully I feel as though I have a map that will help me get to my final destination while avoiding the pitfalls.    

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