Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Busy Summer

I've been away from this for far too long.  The truth is this summer has been crazy busy but it's not that I couldn't have found a few minutes here and there to get a post written, it's that when I've sat to write I ended up thinking about a million other things and posts don't get finished.  I have four of them that are half done currently and awaiting me to finish and post them.  So how is it that this one got written?  I have a limited need to come up with original thought as I'm basically recapping what's happened.  LOL.  It's much easier to simply put down what I've/we've been up to with basically not commentary about it.

Jimmy was supposed to spend the summer with his dad but that got cut short three weeks in.  Middle school football up here starts in the middle of the summer not at the end like we were anticipating so it required him to come back 5 weeks early.  This was an understandable bummer for him and his dad and step mom but all of us want Jimmy to be able to participate in things he enjoys and he's been talking about playing football for over a year so we made it happen.  I'm hoping when the season is over we can get him an extra weekend or two down there before the next sports season arrives.

Marilyn has joined the local American Legion and been super busy with her pottery.  It's grown to the point where we can barely contain it in the house!  She has 3 huge projects going on right now that need to all be complete in the next couple months so there are days when we barely see each other.  First up on the list?  Completing a new sculpture piece that will be unveiled at Freedom Fest next month.

Speaking of Freedom Fest, she and I have both become involved with volunteering to help insure it's success.  She's been coming up with some great ideas and seeing them through and I've been volunteering time to help get the venue ready for the all day event that will be raising money to build a new Veteran Center in the area.  So many people from different walks of life are coming together to help this thing go off as smoothly as possible, it's truly been a great experience.  In the next couple of days or weeks I'll hopefully have another post dedicated to the event itself.

Since we're staying here at least another year, I've been busy at work trying to get our firewood for the year.  It's definitely a more difficult task with no tractor to help get the wood out but it's coming along.  Along with the daily chores and other things that pop up it's certainly been a busy summer thus far with no signs of slowing down.  Hopefully my brain will begin to though because it's hard to become a writer when you don't write.