Friday, July 31, 2015

Not Stopping

It was a rough July in our household that culminated in a very rough weekend.  I'm very much looking forward to the end of July 2015 and the beginning of August.  While I'm not going to get into everything, the main points were: me being down for much of the month injured therefore having much of the summer work fall way, way behind, having the car act up repeatedly which has left me questioning the reliability, and losing yet another house, this time due to a failed home inspection.  As I'm sitting here writing this I feel as though I'm finally at a point where I can take a deep breath and reflect on everything so we can sit and formulate a game plan without the added disruption of emotion coming into play.  It was a rough month and a rough week and now it's time to move forward.

So here's what we have going for us.  Caden is back home after his summer visit with his dad and school will be beginning for him soon  (actually sooner than most in Maine as they go back early and then have a two week break next month for the potato outdated practice that really makes no sense now-a-days..but I digress).  Shawna's health for the most part has been pretty decent.  She had a seizure a couple weeks ago but it was the first in a couple months so that's definitely a win.  Her pain levels also haven't been as high recently which I'm going to attribute currently to a fairly mild summer with only a few hot days thrown in.  My health has also improved.  I've been back to the gym a couple times in the past week which was nice.  Though I'm not 100% I'm also not laid up on the couch and have been able to resume tackling some of my summer projects, though at times I am required to stop and take a break though I may not want to.

The car is going in next week for some extended warranty work, which will hopefully allieviate the problem.  However, I'm also waiting to hear back form a salesman about a potential trade-in for something that would fit the needs of our family a bit better.  I also have somewhere between 10 and 15 more houses to look at sometime in the next week once the car issue is resolved.  We've had to create a new plan to get more houses available to us but sometimes revision of the current plan is the only way to reach the goals of the future  It's come to the point where our current location simply doesn't grant us the ability to meet our future goals.  A change is needed and some things will need to be sacrificed to meet those goals.  It's not perfect and we're not happy about some of the decisions we're having to make but that's what being an adult is all about I guess; making decisions that aren't perfect but rather are necessary.  Thankfully, they haven't stopped making beer so those decisions have a chaser when needed.

The truth of the matter sometimes life just sucks.  Things don't go according to plan or just the way you want. Bad things happen to everyone and while sometimes they're of our own making, just as often it's totally out of our control.  We can't predict the future we can only hope to manipulate it as much as possible by our own actions and in-actions.  There is no secret to life and if there were most of us wouldn't listen to it anyways because humans want the ability to decide for themselves and we can't do that without the benefit of our experiences.  Sure, some shit in our life isn't turning our like we'd like but that doesn't mean we're void of opportunities.  The fact that I'm writing this post currently is proof of that.  It's something I enjoy, find beneficial, and allows me a mechanism for interacting with others.  When we get the car fixed or traded in we'll have hopefully changed the circumstances of our ability to safely travel.  Once we move we'll have better Dr.'s for Shawna to visit.  Choices, decisions, actions; we all have a certain amount of control over each of these.  What we chose to do with that control is up to us.    

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