Monday, March 28, 2016

Bad with the Good

I wrote a couple weeks ago about our move and how exciting this time had been for us.  However, we've also had an unforeseen issue arise that I'm hoping we've nearly completed.  Being busy.  Now, in an of itself being busy is not a bad thing.  It's certainly preferable to having nothing to do.  But when you get so busy that it starts to have side effects, that can become a problem.  We're certainly not unique to this in the go, go, go world that is 2016.  The one difference we do have, however, is the drastic effect it can have on Shawna's health.  In the past couple of week this has begun to rear its head.

One of the big reasons we moved to our new location is so Shawna would have better access to health care and would be able to make use of all the programs and care available though the VA.  What I'm not sure we were expecting was that we'd be trying to establish everything all it at once.  As of now she's had two appointments at the Togus facility plus one with an outside provider.  Between the two she also has 6 more scheduled already, we've had my quarterly home care visit, and four home appointments regarding getting a ramp and/or lift chair installed to get her in and out of the house. Honestly, I can't complain about the access to care she's receiving because it's certainly much better than many others have experienced.  What's unfortunate are the effect's all the running has on her health.  She's not sleeping well which is turn impacts the following day, the trips to get things done wear her out and she went down a little over a week ago with the most sever seizure she's had in awhile (It was till much less sever than the ones she was having a couple years ago ).  Because we currently don't have a good place to set up a studio to get her pottery up and running again to the degree it was at our previous location, she also hasn't had her hand in clay very much and the impact that's had has been tremendous.

But while there have been some negative side effects to the last couple of months, there have also been many positives to moving to our new location.  She had a new lift chair installed a week ago that allows her to get into the basement and outside with less risk of injury (we've still dealing with the VA on that), we signed up for a membership to the local YMCA so she's been able to get into the pool (she was a competitive swimmer in high school), the new house isn't as long from one end to the other so she doesn't get warn out and doesn't seem to have as much pain as she did in the previous location, and though all the appointments can be tiring for her, the fact of the matter is is that she's receiving much more medical care than she had been.  Whether is leads to any answers in the immediate is up in the air, but we no longer feel like answers to her health are stalled.  Even if the current doctors don't end up moving in the right direction immediately, eliminating causes can be incredibly important to finding the final diagnosis.

The truth of the matter is that on most levels our life isn't really different from anyone else's.  With every positive generally comes some negatives and with every negative there are some positives.  It can be difficult to separate the two at times but if you look hard enough they're there.  What can differentiate people is how they handle those situations and I've found that looking for the positives is key to continuing to push forward and improving one's situation.  Shawna's health is something within our life that is in constant flux and while we could get down about it, we've both found that it generally doesn't aid us to do so.  This week there will be more appointments, more errands to run.  Sure they're time consuming and sometimes lead to issues for her when we get home and in the following, but it certainly beats the of alternative not gaining ground of the questions surrounding her health.              

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