Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Current Physical Status

Since announcing the change of direction I've written a post regarding some life lessons, one on goal writing, and one on overcoming some issues but have done nothing specific pertaining to health, wellness, training, or anything along those lines.  A couple of the upcoming posts do discuss those topics but to do that without first presenting where things currently are would be a mistake at best and downright dumb at worst.

Where I started

As I mentioned in a prior post, I'm now on the backside of recovery from both back surgery and an injury occurred while working in the woods this past summer.  As of this morning my body weight is at 310, up 17lbs from my December 2015 pre-surgery weight of 293 (picture in shorts) and down from a high of 314 a few weeks ago.  I'm back to working out 3 days per week, have made some serious adjustments to my diet, added some walking in this week, and am spending more time working and on my feet in the past few months than I had in pretty much the entirety of the previous year.  To only have gained 17 lbs makes me pretty happy given my lack of physical activity and poor eating habits (some of which I actually do not even remember!)

Where do I want to go with this?  A year ago I wrote a goal body weight of  225.  That still holds true because I believe I'd be in ball park of being my best physical self.  I may add a body fat percentage in the future as well but I'm not there yet.  I want to be able to run a sub 7:00 minute mile, ruck 4 miles with a 35lb plus pack in under an hour and hit 400, 500, 600 on the bench, squat, and deadlift. Again, I may add something, in this case some sort of overhead pressing movement, but I'm not at a stage yet where I feel I can accurately gauge what that amount would be.  Currently I'm structuring my workouts to really focus on strengthening weak areas; namely my back, and increasing mobility.  I've taken the repeated advice I've seen and am sure to add in specific movements that I hate but understand are needed; bear crawls and Turkish get-ups for example.  I'm also working around the equipment I don't have in my home gym and probably getting close to needing to find somewhere to do a few things or investing in some more equipment. However, for now I'm making due and getting a proper sweat and soreness so I can't complain too much.
Squat rack needs some new parts and I'm
out of weights but thus far I've been adapting
as needed.

So there you have it; my starting point.  Well, kind of.  I was more than a few weeks into working out again before I sat down to "pen" this post but it's close enough I think.  Plus, I'm still well into obese so visual changes will continue to be illuminated.  I expect, and am hoping you, the reader, are interested seeing the not so positive moments as well because journey's rarely go smoothly and/or as expected and I believe it's important for you to see that as well. The reason I'm sharing my current pictures now (instead of waiting) and the reason I want you to see my failures as much as my successes is because all too often we get this picture of people who've made changes as superhero's who never had a down day.  Who didn't struggle and yet magically transformed. Sometimes that's done intentionally to sell a product but often it's because, understandably, it's scary to show our warts.  Inspiration can absolutely be had seeing someones before and afters but what can also happen, is if it doesn't happen as fast as we think it should or if there's a setback, we give up. I believe some of that can be attributed to not understanding that the journey will be long and arduous and won't be completed yesterday.  Yes, you can drop weight fast though extreme means and by following diets similar to specific athletes but it doesn't (and likely won't) mean you'll keep those changes long term.  Being mentally ready and working your mindset daily is just as important as following your dietary and workout plans.

And with that, my personal journey is underway..  


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