Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Whoops, I Slipped

I've never written something short and to the point here but I think today might be the day.  I have 6 other posts I've begun and are in varying states of completion but rather than editing or otherwise finishing any of those today, I think this one has more value.  Why? Because it was only a couple weeks ago I laid out some ideas for goal setting and I'd already caught myself disregarding them and falling back into bad habits. No kidding.  As usual, it happened so fast I didn't even realize what I was doing until one day while attempting to complete a task, the light came on that I'd taken on so many things at once I was really neglecting them all. I almost missed a workout day last week, things I needed to complete I didn't (including a blog post), and while I felt like I was getting much done, when I sat down and really looked at things, I had accomplished a minimal amount.  On top of that my brain was fried because I was trying to learn too many new subjects and ideas at once.  Also, I won't lie, the whole election thing has worn on me too.  Not because of who was elected because I didn't like either candidate but what it's done to many people both around me and around the country.  When you're goal is to get yourself into a position to help others and you see so many people fighting, it can be taxing, no shit.

Anyways, the biggest hurdle was behind me.  I acknowledged what I was doing didn't fit with my plan.  So, what now? I had to take some time to consider once again what would best aid both my short and long term plans and devote my time to those things while putting others on the back burner.  There are some tasks that are necessary like working out, home maintenance, getting the family to appointments and family time, plowing the driveway and working on the house, that are ever present.  Those are fixed time consumers; that is, they are things we automatically build into our day and/or take precedence over other activities.  We all have those (though they're not all the same), it was the remainder of the time I wasn't utilizing properly.  I mentioned it to Shawna to verify my feeling was reality and she did just that so after some discussion and reevaluation, I began this week much clearer and with a much more defined plan of attack.  It wasn't that hard once I narrowed down the what and why's.  I'm an assistant football coach so insuring I'm continually learning about that subject is important to both myself, the other coaches, and the players.  I'm working on other training and teaching goals, so studying and learning anatomy is important (this can also aid the football coaching too but I'll tough on that down the road).  I need to take the next steps regarding my first novel.

There are a couple others not listed but I also had to put some ideas on the back burner.  I'm not going to take a business step right now that I want to get off the ground because I decided I'm neither in the position to make it viable nor do I have the time to devote currently.  It's not dead, it's just waiting for me to finish the foundation, which completion of my current goals will go a long way toward.  I'm not going forward currently with beginning my next novel.  I'm still writing ideas and taking my recorder with me so when inspiration hits I can save it for later, but while I'd like to have the time to devote to it, I've made the decision to focus on my other goals first.  Funny enough, when I sat down to consider this I realized that again, completion of my short term goals will aid this long term one.  Funny how that works isn't it?

So, short story a little longer than planned, if you fall off the goal wagon it's OK.  It's going to happen to most people somewhere along the line.  What I'm finding separates the successful from the unsuccessful is the ability to admit that you're no longer on your path and adjusting accordingly.  Sometime it'll be your fault, sometimes life but acknowledgement that what you're doing isn't working is the key.  Once you've crossed that threshold getting back on the path to improvement is just a reevaluation away.          

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