Saturday, February 18, 2017

Completing the Un-Complete

I have no idea exactly what today's title means.  I have 8, yes 8, posts in varying stages of writing and editing and felt this afternoon that none of them are ready to share.  Some are because I'm having trouble completing the thoughts within, some are because there is research I must finish before hitting publish, and one is personal enough that I'm unsure whether I'm ready to share it yet.  The unfinished are the perfect examples both of procrastination as well as what sometimes happens to writers and wanna-be writers;  You have tremendous ideas so you sit down and get them out only to find that your brain is quite convoluted and your ideas don't have the type of order than anyone but yourself will be able to understand.  The time consuming part then isn't the getting the ideas out (though that does happen, hence the existence of the dreaded "writers block"), it's putting them in order, with connections and examples that the reader will be able to understand. Here's the problem though.  Too often, I don't go back and review and I don't complete the work.  And it's not just with writing either.  I have many projects in varying states of progress because I'll hit a patch that requires a bit more thought, research, time, ect and I put it aside in favor of something else I feel I can complete easier and/or in a more timely fashion.  It's absolutely a weakness I've identified.  And for damn sure it works it's way over to my fitness as well.

So what can I do to work on this?  Well, before beginning this post I worked on one of the others.  Writing this came about because I wanted to get something written and posted before the end of this week and after reviewing that one and the other seven, I decided I would not be able to complete any one of them in a satisfactory manner without spending more time than I possessed today.  I had to make a decision whether it was better to finish something or finish nothing.  Since you're reading this it's clear what I decided  I have a goal to write a post per week, or end up with at least 52 by the end of the year.  Falling too far behind would put me in peril of not reaching that goal.  What I mentioned above about sometimes moving on to things that are easier and faster to complete?  Living example and you didn't even have to wait for it.

Generally I feel like simply acknowledging a problem is the best way to begin rectifying it.  I know damn well I learned that somewhere and perhaps I should even be giving credit to that source but to do so would require research and the whole point of writing this was to be quick, to the point, and fast and of all terms used to describe what research is and can be, fast is not and should not be one of them. Now that I know what I am and am not doing I can work towards completing some of those projects.  I can finish the wiring in the basement.  I can get out and cut some more wood.  I can add Turkish Get-ups back into my program.  I can complete one or two of the unfinished posts.

And I can begin all those things tomorrow because I have these shiny projects to get done today..


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