Sunday, June 4, 2017

Intermittent Fasting Update: "Momma Said They'red Be Days Like This"

Props to, The Shirelles and their legendary song for aiding me in not only finding a title for today's post, but basically the entire premise.  It was earlier today that I mentioned to my wife while having a discussion (bitch session) about the way our previous few weeks have gone, these lyrics, and in that moment we both seemed to relax a little.  Because that's often what happens; we become so focused on single aspects of life that until someone or something comes along to break that concentration we get lost in our own misery.  And I'm hoping that's what today was for us; the end of a long couple weeks where we simply haven't been able to get anything to go exactly as desired', including the damn weather.

While I'm not going to get into everything because of relevancy, anyone who reads this regularly (and given my views, that's not a lot so please share if you're into what I'm writing..Hint, hint!) I haven't written in a couple weeks.  While that certainly wasn't the plan, it quickly became apparent that producing anything worth a damn simply wasn't feasible due to some medical issues (already in the process of being written about).  And that wasn't the end of it getting off track either.  My fast has been derailed, though not entirely.  My training also hasn't gone as expected, though that's not gone completely off kilter either.  It's not that anything has gone completely wrong, OK, one thing has been pretty wrong; it's just that it's nothing's gone exactly right and in all likelihood I haven't done a great job at making necessary adjustments either.  Thankfully I had a good portion of this pre-written so I can finally drop my end of month fasting update, albeit at the 6 week mark.

First off, I'll be upfront that I plan to continue working and re-working (as necessary) intermittent fasting for the foreseeable future.  While I haven't been perfect in either adherence or tracking, I've hit more days than I've missed adherence wise and I have a new phone that will allow me to track easier. I may or may not use My Fitness Pal to keep track of my daily intake in the immediate but I am planning to try an app called, MyFast to help with consumption/fasting hours.  I'll also be combining this with either a hand written notebook or creating a spreadsheet. I'm still new to the spreadsheet idea but feel that'll be worth exploring eventually because of the unmistakable value tracking holds.  This process didn't go as well as I was hoping but it didn't go completely terrible either.  I did gain some valuable information, the biggest being that my intolerance for lactose is much bigger than I'd realized.  At this point I've eliminated everything, including butter and am even paying much closer attention to labels because who the hell knew lactose was an ingredient in so many damn products?! Until it was mentioned by a Facebook friend, the idea my protein powders contained it had never dawned on me. So now I've not just been left without milk, butter, and ice cream, but my regular protein powders as well, which is a huge pain in the ass.  But as unfortunate as losing those dietary staples has been, what a difference it's made.  For a couple years I thought my issues were gluten related but I now know definitively that it's all related to dairy.  While, as I said, it's a pain, it's also been a tremendous relief.  I'm having far less intestinal issues, which is great on it's own but I also simply feel better.

While the above information is probably interesting to some, I'm sure what people really want to know is, 1.) Have I seen any results, and 2.) Do I feel any different.  To answer the first question, I'm below 290 pounds, which means I'm under my surgery weight for the first time since I went under the knife/laser.  So that's a weight loss of roughly 7 lbs or, a littler over a lb per week.  I think I can do a little better but given I wasn't on point with many of the goals I set out with, (which you can read/review here) I'm not upset in the least.  Not to mention, if I'd lost 30 lbs or something incredible I'd feel nervous and anticipate that I'd done it in an unsustainable manner.  I'd like to up it to roughly 1.5-2 lbs per week but given the outside battles I had this month, I find my results acceptable.  To answer how I feel, pretty good for the most part.  My current health issue is completely unrelated to anything diet/fasting/fitness related so removing that from the equation, I'm pretty happy health wise. My resting heart rate was down 5 bpm (beats per minute) from two months ago, my blood pressure was back to 118 over 78, and in general, I feel healthier.  As I mentioned previously, my stomach doesn't hurt all the time, I have more energy, and until a short time ago, I felt as though my brain was running much more efficiently. All in all, I believe I have the evidence and reasons to continue down this path for awhile longer.

* I apologize that this post seems a bit disjointed.  As I sit here finishing it up, I must acknowledge that a concussion I suffered nearly a year ago during my woods accident has been and is presenting some issues.  As I mentioned above, I've already begun a post to discuss it further; not just for my own benefit but because as a youth sports coach I feel some responsibility to due so.  But for now, I again apologize for the lackluster writing within.  I did not want to get to week three with nothing published and as such, it was time to push through knowing full well it would not be my best work. I'll compare it to hitting the gym on days you don't feel great.  A bad day at the gym feels better than a good day on the couch and today the same goes for my writing.