Monday, July 17, 2017

Quick Update

It's been about 6 weeks since my last published post.  I haven't given up on this but physically and mentally I simply haven't been able to sit and work.  I have a new multi-part post that I'll hopefully be posting part one of next week regarding concussions, mine specifically, and it's coming along nicely; albeit very slowly.  My fast ins't showing great benefits but I've also not been overly strict either, though I'm still progressing with my training so I'm not even mad.  I have moved it up to 14/10 and sometimes 16/8 (first number indicates number of fasting hours, second eating hours) with my fasts and have not found difficulty generally with adherence to the hours.  My current issues have revolved around the what I'm eating not when but we're making efforts in the house to change that currently. I'll certainly have more to come on the subject down the road but for the next couple posts at least, I'll be going a different, yet equally important direction.

If you're a follower please bare with me for a bit longer because I'm hoping to have some more and even better work produced in the coming weeks.  Thanks again for following along with the Simple Things.